Over the last several weeks, N6A has fielded requests from clients, industry peers and business leaders seeking counsel on how to effectively navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic as it relates to their employees, customers and key stakeholders. To give our perspective and insights, we created a business guide around best practices for communications and a toolkit for the C-Suite. 

But there’s still so much uncertainty and many unanswerable questions at this time as the situation evolves. With many businesses moving to remote workplaces and beginning to map out their preparedness strategies, we decided to extend our thought leadership by producing a daily video series called the COVID-19 Business Corner. 

Each day, our founder and CEO Matt Rizzetta tackled a different topic that should be top-of-mind for all business leaders during COVID-19. Each theme includes daily tips, expert counsel, and best practices to help businesses thrive.

Branding & Marketing

This is a new era, so how can you get through as seamlessly as possible, scrambling to figure what to do with their marketing plan — should you cut budget, increase budget, should you be out there, or retreating?

  1. Despite this time of extreme uncertainty, you still represent your brand. Be classy and never compromise your corporate values.
  2. Out-think the competition and be smart so the market sees your brand as a credible, objective, and trustworthy resource.
  3. Speed-to-market counts, and the news changes every second, so be fast. 
Business Strategy

You may be completely fed up with boardrooms, war room preparedness sessions, and contingency plans. But if your business is going to win in the COVID era, then you need to be prepared. 

  1. Every decision you make needs to revolve around job preservation. People are your most important asset.
  2. Nobody knows how long this will last, so you must protect, prioritize, and maximize cash.
  3. Explore inorganic growth opportunities to diversify revenue streams.
Company Culture

How should brands think about replicating in office experiences as they go virtual, and how can you replicate what makes your office environment unique?

  1. Recreate the in-office experience in a virtual setting as best you can.
  2. Don’t let COVID-19 get you down, use it to galvanize your workforce.
  3. With so many emerging factors, you have to create customized, COVID-19-specific KPIs.

How can your EQ, scrappiness and the lessons you learned from your survival days help you be the leader your employees need during this time of adversity?

  1. Maintain the right tone as a scrappy leader.
  2. Share stories of your business journey survival days. 
  3. Focus on empathy and relatability — EQ over IQ.

Being clear, concise, and transparent are the keys to effectively communicating to employees, customers and key stakeholders. 

  1. Never manage communications from a defensive position. Always be proactive. 
  2. Create streamlined processes to avoid redundancies to control the flow of communication.
  3. Run best, worst, and likely scenario tests to get out ahead of potential outcomes. Be prepared.

Below are additional resources for best practices and consultative recommendations for executives, business decision-makers and marketing leaders in relation to COVID-19: